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Are you starting a business in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania? This county has long been an economic hub of the region, and it can be an excellent place to grow a business. Whether you’re starting a small side hustle or launching a full-scale operation, you will need to establish an entity and decide on a business structure. While the process can seem intimidating, an experienced Montgomery County business attorney can help you navigate the process and choose the right business entity for your needs. Whether you are starting your first LLC or re-structuring your Montgomery County family business, we are here to help.

A business entity is a legal structure that defines how your business operates and the roles of the owners. It establishes the rights, duties, and liabilities of your business. This process establishes you legally in the eyes of Pennsylvania state, and the type of entity you select will impact how you manage your business and make decisions.

The main benefits of forming a business entity include:

  • Protecting your personal assets from liabilities of the business
  • Establishing credibility with investors, customers, and vendors
  •  Providing tax advantages

Types of Business Entities in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania business startups may choose from several different types of entities, including:

  • LLC: A limited liability company, or LLC, provides owners with protection from personal liability for the debts and obligations of the business. This is a popular choice for small businesses because of the flexibility and protection it offers. An LLC lawyer can help you create the paperwork and ensure all of your filings are completed properly.
  • S Corporation: An S Corporation is a type of corporation that is taxed like a partnership but offers owners the limited liability protection of a corporation. Choosing an attorney well versed in Montgomery County business formation will ensure you have set up the correct entity.
  • C Corporation: A C Corporation is a traditional corporate structure that offers its shareholders limited liability but is subject to double taxation.
  • Limited Partnership: A limited partnership is a business structure that allows one or more partners to have limited liability and control while other partners take on the risk. If you want to start a business with a group of investors, this may be the right choice for you.

Each entity has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to research your options and work with a Montgomery County business attorney to help determine which is the best fit for you.

Starting a Business in Montgomery County

Businesses in Montgomery County, PA, have a great potential to thrive due to its diverse population and close proximity to Philadelphia. With its population of more than 1,000,000 people and a median household income of more than $129,539, Montgomery County is an attractive place to start a business. Whether you are starting an LLC in Pottstown or acquiring an existing Horsham business, choosing a Pennsylvania business formation attorney is a smart first step. The county includes the towns of:


This city is home to the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas and serves as an important legal center for the region. It also has a vibrant retail sector, with shops and restaurants centered around the Norristown Transportation Center, making it an important business hub for commuters.


This town has a long history of a strong manufacturing economy, from steel and paper mills to a variety of other industries. Many large businesses have their headquarters here, including Coventry Health Care and Coram Healthcare. The town also boasts a vibrant retail sector, making it an appealing destination for shoppers.

King of Prussia

This town is famous for its expansive shopping mall, The King of Prussia Mall, which is one of the largest malls on the East Coast. The town is also home to numerous corporate headquarters, including Unisys and Toshiba, and is a major hub for business in the region.


This commuter town has long been an important commercial center, hosting numerous corporate headquarters and small businesses. It is also home to several universities and community colleges, making it an attractive destination for students and professionals looking to further their education. Businesses in Lansdale have a great potential to succeed due to the town’s diverse population and access to transportation.

Willow Grove

This town is located in the heart of Montgomery County and has been a center for technology and innovation since the 1950s. The town is home to numerous corporate headquarters, including Lockheed Martin and GlaxoSmithKline, making it an attractive destination for businesses. There is also a vibrant retail sector, with shopping centers and malls in the heart of the town.


Horsham boasts a vibrant business climate, with numerous small businesses and corporate businesses. The town is also home to a large retail sector, ranging from shopping malls to independent boutiques. Businesses in Horsham have a great potential to succeed due to the town’s close proximity to Philadelphia and its diverse population.

Should You Form an LLC to Protect Your Investment Property Business?

There are several compelling reasons to utilize a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to safeguard both your real estate and business interests. In the context of real estate ownership, an LLC serves as a formidable legal barrier, shielding personal assets from potential liabilities and legal complications that may arise during property ownership. This protection is invaluable in an industry characterized by uncertainties and potential risks, making the LLC structure a preferred choice for astute investors.

One significant reason to opt for an LLC is the limited liability it offers. By establishing your real estate holdings or business ventures within an LLC, you create a distinct legal entity separate from your personal assets. This separation ensures that in the event of legal issues, debts, or lawsuits related to your real estate or business activities, your personal assets remain protected. This safeguard is crucial for mitigating risks and providing financial security for both yourself and your business partners.

When considering the establishment of an LLC to protect your interests, seeking guidance from a seasoned legal professional is essential. A Montgomery County business lawyer can offer invaluable expertise and guidance throughout the process, ensuring that your LLC is structured in a manner that maximizes its protective benefits while remaining compliant with local regulations. Their local knowledge and experience can provide added reassurance and confidence in your legal strategy.

For more information on protecting your Bucks County Real Estate, check out our blog, Shielding Success: Why Every Investment Property Deserves It’s Own LLC Armor.

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