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In Pennsylvania, real estate transactions are governed by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Law Act of 1988. The purpose of this law is to regulate and promote fair dealing in real estate transactions throughout the state. The act outlines rules for conducting a variety of real estate transactions, including those related to residential homes, commercial properties, mortgages, rentals, and leases.

At Isgate Law, we provide reliable legal advice and representation for both residential and commercial real estate investors. With an in-depth understanding of the local real estate market, our Lehigh County real estate lawyer can help you make sound decisions when it comes to investing in the area. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Lehigh County Real Estate Market Statistics and Facts

The real estate market in Lehigh County, PA is growing and thriving. The median price of a home in the county was $285,000 as of 2022, up 13.8% from a year ago. The average days on the market for homes is 12 days, which is a significant decrease over the previous year as they would take 8 days. Lehigh County is currently a seller’s market, so it is a great time to invest in real estate.

The average rental rate for an apartment in Lehigh County is $1,585 per month. With its close proximity to major cities like Philadelphia and Allentown, the area continues to be an attractive option for renters. The rental market is also strong, as vacancy rates remain low.

The commercial real estate market in Lehigh County is also thriving. The vacancy rate for office buildings is 8.6%, which is much lower than the previous year. Retail space has remained steady over the past few years, with an occupancy rate of 92%. Industrial properties are seeing strong demand, with an occupancy rate of 95%.

In addition to this, there’s been an increase in the number of new construction projects popping up throughout Lehigh County. As such, more people are investing in real estate properties within the county and taking advantage of all it has to offer.

Overview of Lehigh County Cities Real Estate Market


Allentown is the largest city in Lehigh County and is home to a vibrant real estate market. The city is known for its booming rental market, fueled by its proximity to Philadelphia. The median rental rate in Allentown is $1,363 per month. The city has also seen an increase of 13.5% in home values, which now sit at a median of $256,681. Pennsylvania real estate investors looking to purchase a rental property can find great opportunities in Allentown and good returns on their investments.

Whitehall Township

Whitehall Township is a suburb of Allentown and is an attractive option for real estate investors. If you’re looking for a property to rent, Whitehall Township is an ideal place, as it has a median rental rate of $750 per month and a high occupancy rate. Home values also remain relatively stable, with the median value at around $225,000.


Emmaus is a great option for Lehigh County real estate investors. October of 2022 marked a record-breaking increase in median listing home prices for Emmaus, PA. At $361.9K, the cost had risen by 25.2% compared to that same time one year prior – an extraordinary figure! The city’s real estate is being fueled largely by the growth of the Lehigh Valley, with more and more people flocking to Emmaus for its convenience, high-quality living, friendly community atmosphere, and a variety of cultural and entertainment opportunities.

Ancient Oaks

Ancient Oaks is an attractive option for any real estate investor looking for a low-risk property in which to invest. The median home value in Ancient Oaks is currently $355,000, and the median rental rate is around $1,706 per month with a high occupancy rate. The community has seen an uptick in home values over the last few years, and the market remains stable.


Catasauqua is another great option for Pennsylvania real estate investors looking for an affordable property with a good return on their investment. The median home value in Catasauqua is currently $215,000 and the median rental rate is around $1,395 per month with a high occupancy rate. The community has seen an increase in home values over the last few years and continues to be a popular destination for Lehigh County real estate investors.

What Services Does a Lehigh County, Real Estate Attorney Offer?

Isgate Law provides legal services and advice to individuals and organizations looking to invest in the Lehigh Valley region. We offer various real estate investment-related services such as:

Property Acquisitions / Closings

When acquiring a property in Lehigh County, PA, an investor will need to work with a real estate investor attorney who can review and approve all paperwork. We provide full legal services on behalf of our clients during the acquisition process. These include title searches, title opinions, and the preparation of all documents necessary for closing. The goal of our firm is to ensure that no detail is overlooked and that all parties involved in the transaction are in compliance with the law.

Target Underwriting

Target Underwriting is the process of researching and analyzing a property’s financials to determine its value. At Isgate Law, we take the time to perform an in-depth analysis of each investment opportunity. We understand that no two investments are alike and tailor our approach accordingly. Our experienced Pennsylvania real estate attorney provides investors with invaluable insight into potential properties and help them make informed decisions.

Contract Negotiations

Negotiating a real estate contract can be complicated and time-consuming. Our experienced Lehigh Valley real estate attorney provides comprehensive legal services to ensure that all contracts are properly negotiated, reviewed, and executed. We also counsel our clients on the various legal concerns of their investments in order to protect them from potential liabilities and financial losses. We check for hidden clauses, potential legal issues, and any other matters that may affect the investor’s interests.

Real Estate Syndications

Real estate syndications involve pooling funds from multiple investors in order to purchase larger properties. This type of investment requires legal guidance and expertise. Our real estate attorneys have experience guiding clients through the process of setting up a real estate syndication and ensuring that all contracts are properly negotiated and executed. With Isgate Law, investors can rest assured that their investments are protected.

Sourcing Investment Properties

At Isgate Law, we provide our clients with access to experienced real estate professionals who can help source investment properties in the Lehigh Valley region. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the local market and can provide our clients with valuable insights into potential investments. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial properties, we have the resources and expertise to help you find the perfect property for your needs.

Real Estate Developer Representation

Real estate developers have certain legal needs that must be met in order to ensure their projects are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. Isgate Law provides comprehensive legal services to real estate developers, including reviewing contracts, advising on zoning issues, and providing representation during public hearings. Our experienced real estate lawyer provides invaluable guidance throughout the development process and help ensure that developers are aware of their rights and obligations.

Real Estate Contractor Representation

In the Lehigh Valley region, real estate contractors are subject to a variety of laws and regulations. Isgate Law ensures that all contracts are properly executed protecting our clients from potential liabilities. Our experienced Lehigh County real estate attorney will also provide counsel on matters related to zoning, permits, and insurance requirements.

Real Estate Wholesaler Representation

Isgate Law provides comprehensive legal services to the Lehigh County real estate wholesaler to aid them in protecting their investments. Our experienced Pennsylvania real estate lawyer provides counsel on matters related to contracts, due diligence, and other topics related to real estate wholesaling. We also provide guidance on how to execute contracts properly and ensure that our clients are aware of their rights and obligations.

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